The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Clare Rowson Mobile Friendly WebsiteThe introduction and huge growth of iPads and tablets has encouraged users to spend more time browsing on these devices rather than using a desktop computer. A study has shown that 45% of web traffic occurs on a desktop compared to 55% on a mobile or tablet device. (Source)

A mobile-friendly and responsive website will adapt to the screen size of your device automatically, rather than you zooming in and out to find your way around the site. The content of the website will adjust to the iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone it is being viewed on in order to provide a smooth browsing experience.

In 2016, Google cracked down on search results from websites that are not mobile-friendly which lead to those that are more user-friendly on mobile devices being ranked higher on search lists. The results would have previously been based on the desktop content of a website by Google, but now those that only have content suitable for a PC have been dropped.

A mobile friendly website will increase traffic to your business’ website through improved Search Engine Eptimisation (SEO). It will also encourage product and services browsing due to the ease of use, leading to an action 75% of the time. The likelihood of a potential customer staying on your website if it is not user-friendly is slim and you could lose out on business to a competitor.




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